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When is it OK to copy a GREAT IDEA and pass it off as your own?  


In the Smoke Alarm industry - it has come to our attention that a large Company has copied Safety Watch Australia's systems that we have had in place since 2007; and look as though they will get away with it.  


Ethically, this is wrong.   What would you do?  Stay with SWA or swap to a cheap imitator and risk your clients investment? 

4 comments on “Is it OK to copy a great idea?”

  1. Jo-Anne Oliveri
    Posted Thursday, 9 February 2012 at 8:53:25 AM

    Sadly this is all too common. Whilst it is a great compliment for a competing company to think so highly of you that they need to 'steal' your ideas, IP and resources, it is theft nonetheless. What clients must realise is that knock offs have no idea why that system and the resources were developed in the first place. Most systems are developed in step leads to the other. Clients over time will come to realise they they are dishonest, don't do what they say they will do (because they have no idea why they are supplying what they are supplying or saying in the first place) and will soon come realise that cheap is not best. Cheap is because they are impostors and thieves.

    Hang tough and stay true to your values, Safety Watch Australia is by far the best Smoke Alarm business in the industry. And trust me on that...I met the others and quickly booted them out of my office. I could smell their deception and smooth talking before they even set foot into my office.

  2. Graeme Hill
    Posted Thursday, 9 February 2012 at 12:22:02 PM

    Thank you Jo for your thoughts and support. Safety Watch Australia (SWA) pride ourselves on being your risk management partners for life. Together with our legal team, we have developed a comprehensive service that protects property, life and assets which encompasses all legal obligations placed on the landlord, tenant Sales & Property Management teams. SWA ensures our valued real estate clientele are equipped with "Fit For Purpose" risk management systems and your staff are well educated and continuously supported by true industry leaders. Our long term business alliance will be forged from a mutual respect of business values, best practice outcomes and a driving force to ensure a measurable, satisfying experience is achieved by all.

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  4. Admin
    Posted Thursday, 21 August 2014 at 12:53:13 PM

    I agree with Jo Anne. Customers are always tempted by cheaper products and systems and should beware of knock-offs and cowboys who really don't know what they are doing.

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