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"Safety Watch Australia thanks Smoke Alarm Solutions for ultimate compliment"


There may be no greater compliment than that shown by a competitor when adopting your self-developed systems and procedures.   Hitherto Smoke Alarm Solutions was critical of Safety Watch Australia, but have recently copied what we do; and how we structure, explain and price our services.   Grateful as we are for that acknowledgement, the real test is in the service provided.   There are a number of things which are just not right still, in our respectful opinion, with the information given, the service provided and the products used by Smoke Alarm Solutions.


With Safety Watch Australia, safety is paramount.   If you want appropriate attention and advice for the properties in your charge at a cost effective price; then you should call Safety Watch Australia only.   Beware of cheap imitations, lives are at stake and price difference is negligible.   If something goes wrong with an inferior product, wrongful act or misinterpretation of the law, no-one will pleased about a small amount of money saved.


Get it right; be protected; and rest assured with Safety Watch Australia as your preferred service provider in relation to smoke alarms, safety switches and pool fencing.

3 comments on “Paid the ultimate compliment”

  1. Jo-Anne Oliveri
    Posted Thursday, 9 February 2012 at 9:02:23 AM

    I agree with everything you have said. What landlords and property managers must realise is that the reason why the smoke alarm laws is created is to save lives. People need to look at who is behind your business and the experience you have. You didn't set this business up because you could 'cash in' on new legislation, you established this business and designed the systems because you are an ex firey and have seen the devastation first hand of lost lives and injuries that should never have happened. Don't look at the $10 or so dollars you may save upfront, if you analyse the figures and take everything into consideration, you can't go past Safety Watch Australia. I took the time to do it. I took the time to talk to the other smoke alarm companies and they didn't have a patch on you. I'm certain if others stop looking at the dollar figure and focus on the overall experience, service and risk factor from using an inferior company and product consumers will start to think smart and make the switch.

  2. Graeme Hill
    Posted Thursday, 9 February 2012 at 11:53:59 AM

    Thanks Jo for your thoughts and support. Safety Watch Australia (SWA) pride ourselves on being your risk management partners for life. Together with our legal team, we have developed a comprehensive service that protects property, life and assets which encompasses all legal obligations placed on the landlord, tenant Sales & Property Management teams. SWA ensures our valued real estate clientele are equipped with "Fit For Purpose" risk management systems and your staff are well educated and continuously supported by true industry leaders. Our long term business alliance will be forged from a mutual respect of business values, best practice outcomes and a driving force to ensure a measurable, satisfying experience is achieved by all.

  3. detectelec
    Posted Wednesday, 23 May 2012 at 10:59:58 AM

    We totally agree with your comments although we are a potential competitor we are a very small company at present trying to do the right thing as qualified electricians for over 20 years we have also seen alot and decided to do the research and try our hardest to enforce the installations of good quality photoelectric alarms. we use Brooks and would also like to be rid of companies trying to make a quick buck by installing cheaper brands and taking short cuts .Well done its about time people stand up and do the right thing for a change we can all still make money without ripping people off and endangering lives.

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