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What chance does Safety Watch Australia have with being paid for services they provide by their landlords when an owner of an agency refuses to pay for a service provided at their own rental property.   We received a phone call from the owner advising that he didn't send a work order to Safety Watch Australia to have a Smoke Alarm and Safety Switch compliance inspection at his own rental property however his staff [doing the right thing by the owner] sent a work order requesting a compliance inspection in line with the lease being renewed.   The inspection was completed, a compliance certificate was issued and he still refuses to pay due to; and I quote "I didn't send you the work order therefore I'm not paying you". It was pointed out that the staff under his management sent the work order through to our office and to this he responded "but I didn't therefore I won't be paying".  What recourse do we have apart from go down the line of a debt collector however this is not the kind of business we are - we work together with our clients to obtain the best outcome.   This is exactly what we offered this owner but reducing the invoice from an annual plan charge to a one-off inspection and he still refuses to pay.    Should this be acceptable in the real estate industry - we think so and would like to hear your thoughts on what you would do if you were in our situation.

5 comments on “Real Estate owner refuses to pay for smoke alarm service”

  1. real estate agents
    Posted Wednesday, 15 August 2012 at 1:29:50 AM

    Great information i have read the article and i am really happy for this documents.

  2. experienced estate agent
    Posted Saturday, 24 November 2012 at 9:57:43 PM

    This case will not occur in the real estate industry. Renting a property through agent will ensure that all the necessary documents will be signed by the tenant. The tenant cannot refuse.

  3. Real Estate Liverpool
    Posted Wednesday, 28 November 2012 at 4:23:24 PM

    Great information in this article! I’ve bookmarked your page for future updates.

  4. Kerry Adams
    Posted Thursday, 26 December 2013 at 11:41:54 PM

    The excuse "I didn't send you the work order therefore I'm not paying you" seems on shaky ground. His staff did send that work order, didn't they? They sent it in their capacity of being employees of Mr I-Wont-Pay-You, not in their personal capacity. So legally he should be liable. If you can't make him do it nicely by cutting a deal, as you say, then i'm afraid the gloves will have to come off and you'll have to meet your lawyer. Most probably he isn't dumb; he's counting on you to weigh the pros and cons (cost wise) and on deciding not to take legal action.

  5. DetectorInspector
    Posted Thursday, 28 August 2014 at 3:46:15 PM

    Installation of smoke alarms for spillages in residential properties for real estate agents, tenants and home owners is very important for safety purposes. The age of smoke Alarm could also matter for your safety purpose.Continuous testing and servicing of smoke alarm is important for life safety

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